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OPOC and other good news

I've posted about OPOC engines over on peakoil_prep . They are a step in the right direction for making the fuel last, and making very light weight diesel engines. One respondent stated that they needed a diesel motorcycle to use their farm diesel otherwise the collapse of road maintenance would strand them completely, and its close to that now. Typically, diesel engines have a narrow power band, which makes them heavy because they need extra gears to make use of what they've got, and thus makes them more constant speed engines rather than variable as you require in a small vehicle. If the OPOC performs as claimed this may change things for diesel, but we'll have to see once there's a running model and its into actual vehicles where unbiased reviewers can describe it properly. In the scale of things, the OPOC, if it works and gets built everywhere, will reverse around 10% of the doom. Unlike the CEM, which few are bothering to make, the OPOC is coming at it from a "replace all the clunkers by bolting me to the engine mounts" model rather than "fantastic and new but buy my expensive software instead of an actual engine". If its not practical, its not a solution.

The other good news is that the summer on the West coast has been cooler than the last decade and resembles what I grew up with, including fog and cool ocean breezes. Combined with plenty of rain last winter, odds are good the drought here is over. I do hope that's the case.

To continue the anti-doomed mantra "Things are better than we thought", there is still no nuclear war going on, even with crazy people possessing nukes. The world we live in is still almost the same as it was in 2006, only with a higher unemployment rate, and a lot of unemployed people thinking about starting a small business instead of working for some multinational sleaze. There's still food on the shelves, and we don't have gasoline rationing yet. Probably in the future, but the changes are slower than most of us thought they'd be. So good for us.