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Not Actually Very Much Doomed After All, Thank You

Not Really All That Very Much Doomed, After All
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Life Goes On Despite The Constant Bad News In The Media
As a long time reader of So Very Doomed I found myself a bit annoyed at the insistence by the major media of only telling half the story, the negative half. Despite being a long-time pessimist and cynic, I happen to know there's always a flip side to the news and while some stories are purely bad, many only exist to sell stomach powder and headache tablets. So Very Doomed often parodies the bad news by concentrating it and presenting it seriously, which is either Black Humor or unnecessarily Emo.

My intention with this group is to offer the opposite of SVD: Anti-Doom. Genuinely good news about game changing technology which removes limitations from some of our unsustainable practices, people behaving decently, reminders that we got through similar disasters in the past and we're still here. Basically, that Doom is a bit of a fib. There IS good news out there, despite all that's going on, and while we're all going to die in the end, we may as well enjoy ourselves first rather than wallow in Woe-Is-Me.